The Boulders And The Penguins

There is a beautiful beach in Simonstown, Western Cape.  It is sheltered and has calm and turquoise waters. There are huge natural boulders which protect the swimming bay from the wind and large waves. The tranquility is stunning and so unexpected.

Photo RL Pieterse

Photo RL Pieterse

This is a protected area and is known as Boulders Coastal Park which falls under the Table Mountain National Park and guided tours of the area are available.

Photo RL Pieterse

Photo RL Pieterse

Penguins abound.  They used to be known as Jackass Penguins, because they bray like donkeys. Now they are known as African Penguins  – and they are everywhere.  On the rocks, amongst the foliage, on the paths and, of course, on the beach.  They scurry along, looking like the bird version of James Bond in their black and white suits.

Photo BWP Pieterse

Photo BWP Pieterse

The rule is, no matter how cute the penguins look, do not touch or feed them. Their beaks are very sharp and they could nip you.

There is an entry fee payable and do check the entry and exit times on the SANParks website.

You’ll need plenty of time when you visit the Park, you won’t want to rush as you wander around drinking in the beauty of this exquisite place.

Photo BWP Pieterse

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