Daily Prompt: Close Call

Last December we spent a few days at Heia Safari Ranch in Muldersdrift.  Their resident giraffe is beautiful and quite confidently wanders around the Ranch, seemingly oblivious to the admiring glances of the guests.

My granddaughters got really close to him and this made me extremely nervous.  Thankfully, he ignored them completely and continued to nibble away at the leaves on the trees.

Really close!

Really close!

How high?


Daily Prompt: Say Your Name

My mother was brought up in a children’s home and never had many toys.   She named the few dolls she did have “Ruth” and, finally, when I was born, she had a real live doll to call “Ruth”.

As a child,  I thought that the name “Ruth” was too simple and yearned to be called “Rebecca” or “Rachael” but I’ve grown to like my name.

One incident in school made me wish I had another name.  Because I was talking in class the monitor had to record my name on the blackboard – I was mortified to see my name spelt “Roof”!

My Mother And I

My Mother And I