Daily Prompt: Say Your Name

My mother was brought up in a children’s home and never had many toys.   She named the few dolls she did have “Ruth” and, finally, when I was born, she had a real live doll to call “Ruth”.

As a child,  I thought that the name “Ruth” was too simple and yearned to be called “Rebecca” or “Rachael” but I’ve grown to like my name.

One incident in school made me wish I had another name.  Because I was talking in class the monitor had to record my name on the blackboard – I was mortified to see my name spelt “Roof”!

My Mother And I

My Mother And I

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Say Your Name

  1. Lovely pic of the two of you ! …. I have grown accustomed to my name over the years – never liked it much I might add …. my Dad wanted to call me Penelope !! … really …. he he he

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