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Almond Flour

Almond flour is currently being promoted as a marvellous substitute for ordinary flour. Anyone in South Africa who is on a diet, knows about Tim Noakes. He advocates cutting carbs and using protein products instead.

I believe almond flour is high in protein and contains little or no sugar or fats which makes it the healthy option.

Because of all of the publicity, I wanted to try it. So, yesterday, when walking past our local health shop, I saw almond flour advertised on the blackboard outside the store and went into the shop and bought a bag.

However, I misread the sign! I thought it said R25.00 for 500g!  When the assistant handed me the packet of almond flour which I had asked for, the label said R125.00.

I nearly refused the flour but pride held me back. So now I’m the owner of a bag of almond flour and I’m not sure whether to store it in my baking cupboard or pack away in our household safe!