It’s impossible to leave the house without  a few sets of keys, bank cards, a driver’s license, address book and so on. Fortunately there are are so many lovely handbags to house these objects  that having  to carry around a heap of things can be a pleasure.  Provided, of course, you have a beautiful handbag.

As a young girl growing up in the 1950’s, I used a handbag for church. This was a lovely little object made out of cane, with a flap over the front and two semi circle shaped handles.  All I needed to carry though, was a handkerchief and money for the collection plate.

A few Christmas’ ago I was given a Nine West handbag which I love. It is a quality object, luxuriously lined. Unfortunately, due to constant use, it is starting to show wear.

So, on Mother’s Day,  I was delighted with my gift of two Polo handbags, each of which serve a different purpose.

One is a barrel shape which holds everything I need for day to day living .  Don’t you love way the flap resembles a a saddle?

The other is small and can be slung across my body – perfect for travel and touring. It is slender but deceivingly spacious.

Such beautiful handbags to touch, use and enjoy.

“Saddle” bag

Travel companion

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