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Tourist or Traveller?

Oxford Dictionaries (through a Google search) describes a tourist as ‘a person who is travelling or visiting a place for pleasure‘ ;

and a traveller is defined as ‘a person who is travelling or who often travels’.


Tourist or Traveller?

Wikipedia defines a tourist as:

1.’someone who travels for pleasure rather than for business’; or

2.’one who visits a place or attends a social event out of curiosity, wanting to watch without commitment or involvement‘.

It describes a traveller as ‘one who travels, especially to distant lands‘.

I believe that when I’m en route to an exotic destination I’m a traveller and when I get there, I’m a tourist.



In this discovery of definitions, I was surprised by Wikipedia’s description of a tourist as:

one who visits a place …….. out of curiosity, wanting to watch without commitment or involvement’.  

This definition makes a tourist sound like a cold and indifferent individual, doesn’t it?  A far better description would be:

‘one who visits a place ……. out of curiosity, thereby increasing their knowledge, understanding and empathy by the observation of different spaces, places, faces and things’ .

Tourist or traveller? You decide.

’til next time…

Travel = Discovery

Travel = Discovery

Stellenbosch Winelands: Delheim

Stellenbosch is a pretty university town, deep in the Cape Winelands.

View From our Balcony


On our visit there, we went to some of the surrounding wine farms.  One of the best is Delheim.  They produce great wines and their Spatzendreck has long been a favourite of mine. It is a Chenin-Blanc based late harvest.

We enjoyed a really good lunch of Cape Malay curry during which, a lovely man named Mike who works there, spilled my drink at the table.  He apologised profusely but there really was no harm done.

However, he more than compensated for his mistake when, as we were leaving, he followed us clutching a complimentary bottle of Delheim’s 2011 Chenin Blanc Natural Sweet wine.  Proof that good service, great wines and excellent food co-exist at Delheim – they certainly live up to their motto which is “worth the journey”.

Wine Tasting At Delheim

Cape Winelands

Beautiful Views Are Everywhere

Rain Clouds Gather


It’s impossible to leave the house without  a few sets of keys, bank cards, a driver’s license, address book and so on. Fortunately there are are so many lovely handbags to house these objects  that having  to carry around a heap of things can be a pleasure.  Provided, of course, you have a beautiful handbag.

As a young girl growing up in the 1950’s, I used a handbag for church. This was a lovely little object made out of cane, with a flap over the front and two semi circle shaped handles.  All I needed to carry though, was a handkerchief and money for the collection plate.

A few Christmas’ ago I was given a Nine West handbag which I love. It is a quality object, luxuriously lined. Unfortunately, due to constant use, it is starting to show wear.

So, on Mother’s Day,  I was delighted with my gift of two Polo handbags, each of which serve a different purpose.

One is a barrel shape which holds everything I need for day to day living .  Don’t you love way the flap resembles a a saddle?

The other is small and can be slung across my body – perfect for travel and touring. It is slender but deceivingly spacious.

Such beautiful handbags to touch, use and enjoy.

“Saddle” bag

Travel companion