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Breakers, Umhlanga

Umhlanga is a beautiful place on the North Coast of KwaZulu-Natal.  On our recent visit there we stayed at Breakers, a well maintained and attractive resort, overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Our accommodation was excellent.  We slept in a large comfortable bed made up with crisp white linen. There was a well appointed kitchenette, a lounging and dining area and, to top it all, an overwhelmingly magnificent view of the sea.

It’s easy to relax in beautiful surroundings.


The view from our window. Photo BWP Pieterse

Ornamental Kale

I bought ornamental kale at the garden shop this morning – their beauty made them hard to resist.

Ornamental kale is sometimes referred to ornamental cabbage and can be found in a variety of colours like purple, white and red. If kept indoors they prefer a cool, well lit room.

Apparently they are edible. Although they take the shape of a flower they are actually foliage. Kale and cabbage are both members of the cabbage family. The difference between kale and cabbage is that kale forms a flower and cabbage does not.

There is another difference though, kale is beautiful but I certainly can’t say the same for cabbage!