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Port Edward Lighthouse


Port Edward Lighthouse situated at 130 Milford Road, Port Edward on the Lower South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal

We visited the Port Edward Lighthouse on a beautiful summer’s day. It’s not on the beach, as I had imagined, but is built amongst the houses in a residential area.  It is fully operational so my first thought was for the neighbours. I wondered how they slept at night as the lighthouse has two beams, is powered by half a million candlewatts and is visible for 40 kms!

It’s official name is “North Sand Bluff Lighthouse”.  Here are some interesting facts:

  • It is 24 metres tall;
  • Was originally built in 1968;
  • And rebuilt in 1999;
  • It is about 5 storeys high;
  • And has a spiral staircase;
  • The lighthouse is owned and operated by the Transnet National Port Authority.


“Sometimes amidst all of the wars,

all you need is to become the lighthouse,

not the sword”

Akshay Vasu




Durban is a beautiful city with an amazing climate. It has so much to offer…..

From fabulous sunrises ……

to a glorious coastline …..

You can go to the top of the Moses Mabdiha stadium….

and admire the stunning views …


Or visit Wilson’s Wharf and check out the boats in the harbour.


Sunrise, Sunset

The most beautiful and dramatic time of the day is sunrise or sunset.  Coastal sunrises and sunsets have the most impact as the sea reflects the stunning colours of the sky.

There are spectacular sunrises on the East Coast of Kwazulu-Natal and amazing sunsets over the West Coast of Africa.

The cold Welsh countryside also has a special magic as day changes into night.

Beauty and magic, all encompassed in the colour palette of the sky.

A Durban Sunrise. Photo BWP Pieterse

Early Morning In Durban : Photo BWP Pieterse

Sunset Long Beach, Namibia. Photo BWP Pieterse

Namibia At Sunset, West Coast. Photo BWP Pieterse

Sunset , West Coast, Cape. Photo BWP Pieterse

A Dramatic West Coast Sunset. Photo BWP Pieterse

Sun Setting Over Pietermaritzburg. Photo BWP Pieterse