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Stellenbosch Winelands: Delheim

Stellenbosch is a pretty university town, deep in the Cape Winelands.

View From our Balcony


On our visit there, we went to some of the surrounding wine farms.  One of the best is Delheim.  They produce great wines and their Spatzendreck has long been a favourite of mine. It is a Chenin-Blanc based late harvest.

We enjoyed a really good lunch of Cape Malay curry during which, a lovely man named Mike who works there, spilled my drink at the table.  He apologised profusely but there really was no harm done.

However, he more than compensated for his mistake when, as we were leaving, he followed us clutching a complimentary bottle of Delheim’s 2011 Chenin Blanc Natural Sweet wine.  Proof that good service, great wines and excellent food co-exist at Delheim – they certainly live up to their motto which is “worth the journey”.

Wine Tasting At Delheim

Cape Winelands

Beautiful Views Are Everywhere

Rain Clouds Gather


I recently enjoyed a glass of 2005 Dalla Cia which is a beautiful Cabernet Sauvignon from the Stellenbosch region.

The label aptly describes the taste :

“A bouquet of blueberries and cigar box with hints of spicy and gaminess.  Full bodied in structure and complimentary to all red meats.”

It is important to make sure that a red’s drinking temperature is between 16 and 18 degrees centigrade.   This means that, because of the warmth of our South African climate, you may need to keep a red wine in a cooler or fridge for a while before serving.

I believe in the saying that  “a day without wine is like a day without sunshine”.  A glass of wine adds beauty to an ordinary day.